Saturday, April 23, 2011

Right. Post. Forgot about that.

So Sam Knightess and I caught up. Yeah, Slender is not a drug. I wish I didn't know. But I do and I'm running with Knightess. Wonder how long it'll be before someone connects the dots. Bet our Crim class' next project is connecting the dots in our disappearances. First Knightess. Then Vera. Now me. Bet they'll figure it out. Hope they see this and listen to the advice I ignored. Don't pry. Just forget for now. Some day I bet we can explain it to them without the fear.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Got Sam to listen. She's meeting me. Soon. Near where I am so I don't have to break curfew and bring attention to her. But she says she's going to kill me or get me killed or something if I get her caught. I'm only trying to find out if she's okay. Trying to take care of her. Because if I don't, then V will kill me when she gets back from her trip.

Not likely to have the guts to mention anything this time. Maybe next time.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What the FUCK?

I started friending some of my school friends today. It's .... really weird. They're all blogging about something called "Running" or "Slendy" or something. I'm starting to wonder what the fuck I stumbled onto. I wonder if I should back out now. They don't act like the friends I know but... they're the ones I found through friend connect. They've gotta be the same people right?

Hey... If any of you follow me back or read my blog... Can you shoot me a heads up and tell me who you are? Email me or something. You know my email.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Not sure what to post here. Really, I'm not. I haven't even figured out a blog subtitle yet. Or ... anything else, really. Kinda trying to keep it simple. Maybe I'll think of something later.

So, I'm Gabe. I'm a senior studying Criminology. I want to be a cop, or a bodyguard or something. I have a lot of friends around, but.... some of them left a couple months ago. I guess they transfered without telling anyone. It kinda sucks. I just wish they'd told someone. I wish they'd told ME.

I'm getting off topic. Stop ranting, Gabe. .... Really can't think of anything to say. That's all for now, I guess. I'll post when I think of something else.